• Gold: 1,470.38 -1.00
  • Silver: 17.04 0.00
  • Euro: 1.107 0.000
  • USDX: 97.797 -0.203
  • Oil: 57 -0.04

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver oversold...

Silver oversold down into a support area - video update.

Behind Closed Doors

A fog lifted from the silver market last week and we could see things clearly that we had only guessed at. A former commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Bart Chilton, sat for an interview with blogger Chris Marcus to discuss silver market shenanigans. Mr. Chilton was a commissioner from 2007 to 2014. The interview got interesting when he began to discuss the failure of Bear Stearns in 2008. They held a large short position in silver along with JPMorgan who took over Bear Stearns’ short position at the time.

Get on the Ira Silver Train

For more modest IRAs you may want to consider Gold Star Trust. Simply set up an account on line and then roll over some or all of your funds into the new account. Gold Start Trust was formerly American Church Trust and specialized in Church bonds. I have been associated with them for almost 20 years. After you account is funded simply call your favorite precious metals dealer (yours truly for one) and you can purchase precious metals for your IRA. The metals have to be held in a 3rd party depository which is where Gold Star Trust comes into play. Your metals dealer ships the precious metals to Gold Star and they pay directly from your IRA account. There are a few restrictions on allowed metals but most popular forms of precious metals are allowed in the IRA. Storage costs are reasonable.

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver in a...

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver in a downtrend (video update)

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver hits lower...

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver hits lower bollinger band support, important support area and oversold.

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver has not yet...

Silver has not yet turned that corner (video technical update)

Precious Metals Update Video: Silver remains...

Silver market is similar to gold - lower highs and lower lows. For two weeks in a row, silver above its 18-DMA. (video update).

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold-Silver ratio...

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold is not overbought. Silver - lower lows, lower highs.