• Gold: 1,592.25 3.40
  • Silver: 14.17 0.24
  • Euro: 1.093 -0.001
  • USDX: 99.449 -0.027
  • Oil: 22.42 1.27

Silver Market Morning

Julian D.W. Phillips
Wednesday, July 25th


Gold Today – Gold closed in New York at $1,582.30 yesterday. London opened higher rising to Fix at $1,587.50 $14 higher as the euro recovered back over 1: €$1.21. In the euro it was Fixed at €1,309.386 up €9 on yesterday morning, while the euro stood at €1: $1.2124 up 30 cents. Ahead of New York’s opening gold stood at $1,592.35 in the middle and in the euro at €1,310.63.


Silver Today – Silver in New York closed at $27.00 and rose in London to $27.06. Ahead of New York’s opening stood at $27.13.


Gold (very short-term)


Gold should have a mixed to stronger bias, today in New York.


Silver (very short-term)


Silver should have a mixed bias to stronger bias, today in New York.


Price Drivers

Gold & Silver – The events of the last week and in the Eurozone are all pointing towards a severe increase in the tribulations of the Eurozone Sovereign debt situation and, by extension, its banking system. Talk of a Greek exit, because it has failed to meet the structural reform requirements, is now public, at senior German levels. We are of the opinion, that plans for the resurrection of the Drachma are now complete. When it happens it will come at a weekend and be a ‘fait accompli’ on the Monday morning following. But of greater importance is the effect that will have on Spain and Italy and their debt positions. The sag in confidence when it happens, will likely propel them into a bailout scene too. The euro will then either tumble rapidly, or the Fed will step in with sufficient swaps to hold it up. That will undermine the dollar as well.


As you can see in the last few days, gold has begun to rise in both the euro and the dollar. If this continues, it will mark the separation of gold from the euro’s action against the dollar. Once this is established gold will then be a “counter to all currencies”. This will reflect the rising global economic and monetary instability and uncertainty. [To follow our weekly commentary, please subscribe to our newsletters at www.GoldForecaster.com and at www.SilverForecaster.com.] But it still has some way to go to establish this behavior as a new pattern for the longer-term.


The European and U.K. economies are adding to the stress now, with German business confidence falling, the U.K. now in the worst recession for 50 years as its GDP drops 0.7% in the last quarter and across the pond in the U.S. Mr. Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary tells us, “A wave of tax increases and billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts would cause "a lot of damage" to the fragile [U.S.] economy.”


Silver – Silver is holding above $27 and looks like staying there right now. We do expect silver to break away from currencies alongside of gold in the near future.




Julian D.W. Phillips for the Gold & Silver Forecasters

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