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How much longer can the game go on?

Andy Hoffman
Tuesday, March 11th
SilverSeek.com Comment Wire

The world is getting crazier each day - prompting the Cartel to fight harder against a rising tide.


U.S. Mint Silver Eagles sales are simply going berserk, as we wrote about last week in "silver anniversary," and global gold demand has started the year even stronger than last year's record-shattering levels.


Currencies are crashing, economic data plummetting, and there are real worries that China could be headed for a catastropic real estate and financing crash.


How much longer can the game go on before it implodes entirely?  And when it does end, will you have protected yourself with REAL MONEY before it's too late?



Andrew C. Hoffman, CFA

Marketing Director

Miles Franklin Ltd.





@SilverSeekWire on Twitter


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